I.N.S.P.I.R.E Beyond Motherhood Awards

A mother is the backbone of her family but does that mean she needs to give up her dreams, her career, and her goals?

I strongly believe, no! When I was a kid I saw my mom struggle with depression because she had dedicated her entire life to her family, the family who was not around due to their own career and needs at that point. She felt a vacuum, a sense of loss, missing a goal. This is not one isolated incidence. I have seen many women go through the same phase especially in their forties also triggered by menopause. This is why over the years, I have been urging and motivating women to find their own individuality through my writings and workshops. To keep doing something beyond their family duties, be it pursuing their passion or creating their own line of work.

However, I wanted to take this mission further and make moms who have managed to feel good about themselves and that’s when I.N.S.P.I.R.E Beyond Motherhood Awards were coined. When I approached my partner, Nirupama S, a single mom on a similar career path, she found it a concept close to her heart and journey.

The journey began and today we have names likes celebrated actress Manasi Joshi Roy, acclaimed author Kiran Manral, Celebrity chef Rakhee Vaswani, Celebrity Yoga Teacher Payal Gidwani, Actress Farida Venkat, Pinkathon Ambassador Sonia Kulkarni, KidsStopPress founder Mansi Zaveri attached with us. Apart from this our associate partners without who this would not have made waves are Radio Mirchi(Happiness and Associate partner), Shaili Chopra founder of SheThePeopleTv(Digital partner), Neha Kare founder of UNIMO(Community partner), Shweta Saxena of Women Tv India(Web media partner), our NGO partner SrujnaOur supporting partner Meenakshi Bhalerao of Prutha Foundationcreative media partner Seven Seas Solutionsour guest performer, Jasmine Khurana of Creative Dopesour official make-up artist Purrvi Sinha of Alluring bridesour official dress designer Puja Mann Verma and Francesca Mascarenhas of thechicaway as our official Emcee and above all our backbone and our Project Director, Vimmi Sanghvi. Brands that believed in us need a special mention, Inner Beingour associate sponsor partner, who have taken ancient wisdom and created simple recipes and innovative products, Yogi Today our gifting partner, which is a brand to meet all yoga needs and VLCCour gifting partner a leader in slimming & beauty services.

So what are I.N.S.P.I.R.E Beyond Motherhood Awards?

Much is being said and done about expanding the role of women in society. Inspire Beyond Motherhood Awards is about feting, recognizing, and supporting mothers who have gone beyond raising kids and nurturing a family to creating their own mark. Such mothers need to be celebrated – not just for what they have done, but for the inspiration their stories can provide thousands of other women who are going through a similar lifecycle stage and struggling to juggle priorities other than raising their children.

I.N.S.P.I.R.E  awards believe that supporting women going through this tough phase of their life stage is a cause worth fighting for. Helping them re-establish these women and giving them a sense of dignity, a purpose, and the confidence that only comes from financial independence.

The purpose of I.N.S.P.I.R.E  is three folds-

  1. To celebrate and recognize those strong women who have succeeded beyond motherhood in their chosen careers,
  2. Bring the much-needed attention to the women who quit their careers post motherhood & inspire them to achieve more, to be more
  3. Create opportunities to retrain and re-skill these women in different vocations that they can pursue on their own, in their own time, and from the comfort of their own house

When we were conceptualizing it we also wanted to do something to give back to society and our social initiative #MaaSeBadkar.

Under this, we have tied up with our NGO partner Srujna which helps in training and finding livelihood opportunities for underprivileged women, since 2011. They are associated with over 2500 women of which more than 50% are moms.

We want to help re-establish these women and give them a sense of dignity, a purpose and the confidence that only comes from financial independence. We along with our winners will support the initiative in the following ways;

  • Create work opportunities for these women
  • Train them under you
  • Hold workshops for them
  • Adopt someone and support them financially
  • Volunteer for the NGO

The nominations were opened in March and opened for everyone, we received over 280 nominations across India and of which selected 80 nominees were announced on our social pages. Our esteemed jury, Rakhee Vaswani, Kiran Manral, Payal Gidwani, and Farida Venkat screened all nominees and have given their final verdict which will be disclosed in a grand event set for the 5th of May at the Orchid Hotel in Mumbai.

I cannot wait for this to unfold, may the #mompower be celebrated.

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