Q1. What is the process of registeration?

Apply for the nominations on our website-


Click on the checkout page

You will be directed to a form page.

Fill in the details of the form & you’ll be done with the nominations.

Q2. Can I apply for more than 1 category?

You can apply for multiple categories but you will have to fill up a fresh nomination form for a different category.

Q3. Will I have to fill form again if I am applying for more than 1 category?

You will have to fill the details again for another category.

Q4. Will I be charged again

Once you are registered with us, you won’t be asked for any further charges.

Q5. Where can I get more information on the awards?

You can mail us your queries at
Also go through our website-
for all the information regarding the awards function.

Q6. Can I nominate a friend?

You can nominate your friends & family who are deserving.
You can check the nomination categories & nominate a friends in the suitable category.

Q7. Is this an online event or offline?

It is an offline event at Mumbai on 5th August 2023

Q8. What is the process after submitting the form?

After you register with us & nominate yourself or a friend, We will be releasing the shortlist nominees on our page
Thereafter our esteemed jury will be deciding on final winners. All this information will be put on our social media handles.

Q9. I am trying to fill a second nomination. Why am I being asked for money again after I have paid for one nomination?

Each nomination is a seperate charge.
However, after that there are no hidden costs.

Q10. Can old winners participate?

– Winners who have won twice in the same category can not participate again