Inspire Beyond Motherhood Awards are awards to celebrate moms who have gone beyond raising kids and nurturing a family to create their own mark. Such mothers need to be celebrated.

A Cause Worth Celebrating-

#MeBeyondMotherhood #MaaSeBadhkar

Despite the quiet revolution in women’s employment around the world, around the world, India has been an anomaly with female workforce numbers continuing to slide. A mere 27% of working-age women were working in paid jobs in .. in 2015-16. A decade ago, in 2004-05, this share was 43%, the same as in 1993-94. In rural India, the slide has been much worse!” – TOI

The most common reason behind it is motherhood. Once a woman becomes a mom, she has to devote time & care to her kids. With no proper daycare facilities, health issues common with young kids and no one else to help look after the kids, these women are left with no choice but to quit the job.

We, through I.N.S.P.I.R.E want to help re-establish these women and give them a sense of dignity, a purpose and the confidence that only comes from financial independence. We would be training them in different vocations that they can pursue on their own, in their own time and from the comfort of their own house.

The purpose of I.N.S.P.I.R.E  is three folds-

  • To celebrate and recognize those strong women who have succeeded beyond motherhood in their chosen careers,
  • Bring the much needed attention to the women who quit their careers post motherhood & Inspire them to achieve more, to be more 
  • Create opportunities to retrain and re skill these women to kick start their dreams once again!

How we would achieve this?

  • We would be promoting this cause and selected women through our winners and set of Influencers


  • Certified Nutritionist
  • Certified Fitness Expert
  • Founder of Fitlifestyle
  • Author of For Moms By Moms- Healthy Tiffin Recipes for Kids
  • Judge & Consultant for renowned Beauty Pagents
  • Featured as an Aspiring Women Entrepreneur in Coffee Table Book 2017
  • Corporate Fitness & Nutrition Consultant to Top IT Companies
  • Speaker in Top Schools & Colleges
  • Award winning Blogger
  • Founder of “Maaofallblogs”
  • Social Influencer
  • Fashion Designer by Profession
  • Travel Enthusiast
  • Mother of Two
  • Ashtanga Yoga Teacher
  • Awarded Top 20 Mommy Bloggers in India
  • ‘Women of Courage’, 2017
  • Top 10 Indian Parenting Blogs, 2018
  • Indian Bloggers Award Winner- Fitness & Health, 2017
  • CWF Achiever’s Award- “Women On The Rise-2018